Once the website and its folder are created on the web hosting server, it is time to transfer Web Present CMS files to the host.
Download and unZip WebPresentCMS.zip to an empty directory. 

From the web hosting control panel, go to “Files – File Manager”, click on the website folder to open it.One file is created by default – default.asp. We have to remove it.

Once the website directory is empty, we can transfer (upload) Web Present files to this directory. This example uses FileZilla FTP client, but any other FTP client software can do the same.
Connect to the web server host using the web hosting FTP account. In the Local Files panel open WebPresent directory. In the Remote Site, the panel opens your new website directory. Select all files and directories on the Local Files panel, right-click on the selection, and “upload”. All selected files and directories will be transferred to the remote folder.

The file transfer is in progress.